Here is the plan that will help all of us accomplish this:

  • Please contact your priest/ church for assistance. This is an excellent way for your church to use outreach funds or discretionary funds.
  • If you know of an organization or individual who can assist our scholarship fund, please don’t hesitate to ask them.
  • We will faithfully manage what scholarship funds we receive.
  • We are asking for a commitment from each of you. We will set up with you a way for you to pay a minimum of $25 a month towards your camper’s account.
  • With few exceptions, we need a commitment of a minimum of half of the camp fees.
  • Reminder: this can be accomplished by breaking the camp fee up over several months.

Please fill out completely and mail to: 

Grace Point Camp & Retreat Center

300 Chamberlain Cove Rd 

Kingston, TN  37763

Make checks payable to Grace Point Camp and Conference Center.