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Looking to book a retreat or event at Grace Point? Take a moment to virtually tour our facilities and get to know Grace Point! Below you will see images of our Manley House, Art Barn, Pavilion, Pool, Treehouses, Chapel and Commons. All spaces pictured below are available for use during your stay.

The Retreat Village offers a Lodge for conferences, family gatherings, and retreats, and seven cottages. Each cottage features three bedrooms with two queen beds in each, private bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a porch. The Lodge features a full kitchen, a porch overlooking the lake, and a large meeting space.

Each Cottage sleeps up to 12. 

Click here to learn more. 


Our Treehouses offer bunk-style arrangements, a shared bathroom space, and porches. We have two treehouses that can be split down the middle. 

Each Treehouse side sleeps 16 for a total of 32 for the entire treehouse. 


The Manley House sits at the top of the ridge overlooking Watts Bar Lake and Long Island. It includes a full kitchen, a large screened porch, three common areas, a dining room, and a deck overlooking Watts Bar Lake.

Sleeps 25


The Commons Dining Hall has a full kitchen complete with three ovens, a warmer, a Hobart Cleaner, large refrigerators and freezers, and a large seating area for meetings or meals.


St. Paul's Chapel is a holy space that can be used for weddings, Eucharist, or four-square! With two large glass sliding doors on each side of the chapel, this space brings in God's creation.


At the heart of Grace Point, the Pavilion is a great space to rock and read a book, to enjoy the breeze, or to over look the lake. This multi-functional space can be set up for Eucharist, weddings, four-square, or meals.

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